FAQs about BTC Card

Is this site still active(2021)?

BTC Card is still active and is the longest running site of it’s kind (Since 2013, Fuck we’re now 7 YEARS OLD!), despite all the ups and downs, we’re still here.

What is BTC Card?

BTC Card is an exciting service that allows you to purchase a pre-loaded EFTPOS Gift Card to the value of your choice with Bitcoins!  All you need to do is simply choose your load amount, enter your details (where to send the card) and make payment, it’s that simple.

What Countries is BTC Card available in?

BTC Card is only available in Australia at this stage.  Depending on the success of the product (and if enough people email us asking) we’ll be looking at extending the product globally in the form of a Pre-Paid visa card.

Where can I use my BTC Card?

You can use your BTC Gift Card anywhere EFTPOS is accepted i.e. Pretty much any retailer across the country.  Retailers do technically have the right to not accept some forms of EFTPOS cards, but they will work with every EFTPOS terminal in the country.

Why use BTC Card over another system where I can deposit money straight into my bank account?

Unfortunately, a lot of these services aren’t all that convenient, they often require numerous forms of identification, and jumping through various hoops,  linking up bank accounts to make them work, and even when they do work, sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to receive payment.

But above all, you’re still tied down to having to use and rely on a bank account for your day to day bitcoining.

BTC Card, takes ll the hassle out, pre-paid EFTPOS cards are essentially cash on a card (and should be treated like cash) they have no owner, or bank account assigned to them (at least in the normal sense of an account), you don’t have to sign up to a bank to make them work, you purchase a card from us, we load the value onto the card and away you go.

 Is BTC Card Safe/Is BTC Card Bitcoin scam number 998?

Many of us have been scammed at least once before, unfortunately in the bitcoin business, there’s scammers everywhere, and essentially being scammed is part of the fast and steep newbie bitcoin learning curve, We hate scammers and are 100% open and transparent about how we do business, The BTC Card Service is 100% safe, we don’t store your data or information, we only grab the basic information we need to process your transaction.  Transactions are completed by Bitpay for your security.

We’re open to feedback and if you have used our service and are happy with it please write a review so we can post it up on the website.

About the Card

Can I top up the card?

At this stage, no, our current iteration of BTC Card, is designed as an EFTPOS Gift Card.  Gift Cards are special cards designed to be given as gifts, this means they load only once (cannot be topped up) but can be spent many times (assuming value is still available on the card).  They cannot be used for cash out, cash advances, refund or replacement and must be spent in the purchase of goods.

How do I pay for purchases using my card?

SIMPLE, it is just like any other eftpos card.

Swipe the card
Select ‘savings”
Enter the purchase amount (it must be less than the available value on the card)
Enter the PIN from the back of the card (it may be under a scratch pad).

Where can I use my card?

Any eftpos Merchant (at their discretion) may redeem the value of the card for you.

How long is the card valid for?

The card is valid for 12 months from the date the card was loaded with funds.

What happens if I try and process a transaction for more than the available balance?

The transaction will be declined. An amount equal to the declined fee (located on the back of your card) will be debited from your remaining balance. If your balance is equal or less than this fee, the card will have a zero balance after that transaction.

 How can I check my card balance?


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