About BTCCard

BTC Card was designed and created by entrepreneur Ben Smith.

Since 2013, we’ve now been offering this service to the community.

After getting into Bitcoin, Ben, like many others struggled to spend his coins in a meaningful way for day to day items.

Many websites that allow you to turn your bitcoins into fiat(dollars) require various levels of account verification(understandably of course), including linking up to your own bank account, wire transfers, among many other hassles that made spending bitcoins a major hassle.

While merchants are slowly starting to take on bitcoin one by one, bitcoin is still yet to hit the mainstream so there has to be a range of solutions in the interim years to allow people to use bitcoin in a practical and meaningful way (and hence increasing the value of bitcoin in the process).

BTC Card hopes to bridge that gap by allowing you to purchase an simple EFTPOS Pre-Paid Gift Gift with bitcoins, giving you the power to spend your bitcoins anywhere in Australia and New Zealand (Where EFTPOS is accepted).

By purchasing a card you do not have to sign up for an account, link up bank accounts etc to receive money or go through any of the major hassles, plus you can purchase cards in small amounts (minimum $50) making them great for day to day purchases.


About Ben Smith

Ben Smith is by “internet standards” an old software developer and entrepreneur.   Based near Byron Bay, on the beautiful Australian Coastline.

Ben back in 1999 was responsible for a range of software products, like PROSE, NapCD , Mp3Magic, Project Presenter (2001).

More Recent projects include Gravy Loyalty (www.gravyloyalty.com) an awesome new smartphone based loyalty program for businesses.

Ben runs a IT Services consultancy business amongst all the various projects, and somewhere in between all that has something of an life.

In 2013, Ben has decided to pursue some new opportunities with bitcoin.  Like many others, Ben has been keeping an eye on bitcoin for a long time and now believes it’s time for bitcoin to grow to the next level, and again like many others is excited to be part of that growth.

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